Successful airport planning and design is characterized by functionality, flexibility, efficient flows, easy, understandable logistics and security requirements combined with aesthetic design. Virtual reality is a therefore an important tool for AEC professionals, airport operators and airports owners. Virtual reality can be implemented in all phases of airport planning, construction and operations.



  • Makes it possible to analyze, plan and validate overall infrastructure for arrivals, runways and internal flows  
  • Secures logistics
  • Makes it possible to run user-involvement sessions  
  • Makes it possible to visualize and work with authorities and developers for permits and approvals  
  • Makes it possible test and analyze solutions 
  • Involves users and maintenance staff for their feedback 
  • Assembles input from all involved AEC professionals
  • Makes it possible to run and test building-site logistic, control and safety issues
  • Makes it possible to train staff, e.g. service workers, security personnel and flight staff
  • Creates best practice solutions for operation and maintenance
  • Makes it possible to plan renewals and maintenance


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Thoughts on VR for Airports

Airport planning is complex since the are many functions and security issues that have to be taken into account. Read our thoughts on how airport planners, owners and operators can use virtual reality to secure their projects. 

VR for Airports

Airports are complex buildings where various elements interact in order to provide customers with an enjoy able travelling experience. Airports are also work environments for office personnel, security staff, air traffic controllers, shop assistants ect. Hence airport planning has to provide functional solutions for gates, airfields, control towers and service functions. The sheer complexity of assembling these elements into a holistic solution requires AEC professionals to stay on top of their game. And with the cost of building, expanding and operating airports in mind optimizing processes represent a considerable cost reduction. 

Epiito’s VR technology Makes it possible to analyze, plan and validate overall infrastructure for arrivals, runways and internal flows.

Epiito’s Virtual Reality solutions for airports is the easiest road to take-off.