All about us

Epiito’s 3D models enable error elimination, alignment and validation. We help our clients gain a shared understanding through involvement and co-creation - regardless of team size, composition and physical location.  

At Epiito we develop and produce 3D hardware and software solutions for Healthcare, Smart City and manufacturing. With full scale 3D-models we provide our customers with a useful tool that involves and optimizes – and leads to better projects, increases knowledge and powers sales processes.


We provide

Market leading services

Epiito is a Danish company with an international perspective. Our aim is create market-leading 3D hardware and software for 1:1 scale prototyping for healthcare, Smart cities and manufacturing.

3D value creation

We truly believe that communication and knowledge-sharing is key to success. Hence providing co-creation solutions is a central part of our endeavours. We create solutions that add value to projects.

Simulations and presentations

We ensure that our 3D models generate shared understanding, and provide solutions for employee training and troubleshooting independent of location. They are also an effective and sales-increasing marketing tool.


Our investor relations

There are two major investors behind Epiito.

Strusoft AB

Strusoft AB is a Swedish software developer with more than 25 years of experience of designing specialized programs for the entire construction industry. The programs FEM-Design, WIN-Statics, IMPACT and VIP Energy are the preferred tools for companies that specialize in construction and building analysis, design, prefabrication, detailing and energy.

More than 10,000 specialists from more than 1,000 companies in over 20 countries use StruSoft AB’s well-tested and proven products.


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Aidea is an integrated architectural design studio that is listed on the world top 100 largest architectural firms in the world. The company is located in Manila in the Philippines and has a staff of around 170, formed by architects, engineers, interior designers and landscape architects. Aidea builds large projects all over the world, and since 2005, they have used BIM as their working method exclusivelyand insist on integrating all professional disciplines in one coordinated model, which is shared among all the parties involved in the construction project, and which builds directly from the BIM project at the construction site. This unique method puts the company on the world map utilizing the possibilities of BIM.

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