What is a CAVE?

The CAVE system is often labelled Cave Automatic Virtual Environment,  Cave Automated Virtual Environment or simply CAVE VR. It exists in various formats – our interpretation can be seen below. 

The design

We design our own CAVE system. We designed the CAVE to be simplistic – fitting beautifully in all office workspaces. It has black walls, aluminium frame and is made to be a piece of art.


What does it solve?

Many stakeholders in one session? No problem.

With our CAVE you can run team-based design, engineering and training sessions for large groups. The communication flows, ideas emerge, and a common understanding is reached. For us, this is the heart of scale 1:1 Co-creation.

Hospitals are now being built more efficiently, optimizing the built area, ensuring handicap friendliness and being able to transition staff quickly from one area to another.

Read our many cases on how the CAVE is used to create etter projects.


The technology behind

The system is managed by a high-end graphical workstation. It projects 4 high-resolution projectors to the surfaces of the cave. It can be viewed as simple 3D og using simple 3D glasses, giving the experience of being in the projected – in reality.

When using the CAVE you will see objects as if they were floating in the air, you can walk around them, and use physical objects such as a chair – getting a proper view of what they would look like in reality.

There is a motion detection camera that tracks your movement, making sure everything is adjusted to your height and placement in the cave. Our caves are equipped with a surround sound system, making the experience more immersive.


The CAVE software

This is the most important part!

In theory – anyone can design a cave. It is the understanding of the use cases and enabling our customers to take full advantage of their cave system that sets us apart.

Beyond supporting Unity we have developed our own software for CAVE systems – named VR Cloud.

laptopogmobil cave software.png

VR Cloud is an easy to use platform, that can show your project in the CAVE system. Beyond making it easy, it makes it possible to show the same project across HMD, device and android/iOS devices. All these can interact through the Virtual Reality Cloud.

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