Do you need to train your service workers? Do you wish to showcase your products at a trade fair? Or do you want to use VR for configuration. Either way Epiito has a solution for you.  

Service workers can be trained in a virtual environment to assemble or maintain wind turbines, production machines or complex industrial plants. Our VR solution is also the obvious choice for manufacturing companies attending trade fairs - not only does it reduce costs, but one of the greatest gains is that it allows companies to display their entire product portfolio virtually. Manufacturing companies also benefit from the prototyping and configuration possibilities inherent in our solutions.


Co-creation - benefits

  • VR is a strong tool for sales presentations and product launches at trade fairs and allows manufacturers to showcase their entire product range.
  • Replaces the need for renting large stands at trade fairs.
  • Displays given components place in an overall configuration.
  • Saves time and generates greater understanding by training and educating – before and during assembly and maintenance.
  • Makes it possible to validate design and configuration 1:1.
  • Makes it possible to be present it in physically non-accessible locations.
  • Allows development and co-creation across various locations.
  • Simplifies, involves and optimizes processes and resulting in better overall  economy.


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Thoughts on virtual reality and Industry

Epiito provides numerous efficiency-enhancing solutions for manufacturing. Attending trade fairs, employee training, prototyping and running configuration test are just some of the possibilities that emerge when you take advantage of our virtual reality solutions.



Trade fair presentations, staff training and prototyping

A big part of B2B contacts are established at trade fairs where potential clients are seeking product information, business opportunities, and new business partners. 

It is a great way to meet new clients and collaboration partners, but attending trade fairs draws heavily on your company resources. Renting a large stand with a premium location at a well-established trade fair comes with an equally premium price tag. Afterwards you have to dedicate man hours and economic resources building a stand. Now you are ready to show potential clients your products – but since you are producing heavy industrial equipment you cannot show all of your products since they are large, heavy and almost impossible to transport. Why not use virtual reality to save rent, man hours, and showcase your entire product range? 

Epiito’s VR Studio is an ideal solution for manufacturing companies that want to take fair trade presentations to a new level. 


Training your service workers

Assembly and maintenance of objects at remote and restricted locations is an ongoing challenge for many industrial companies. Using Epiito products to train employees in a safe virtual environment helps your service workers solve their tasks in an efficient - and rehearsed - workflow, once they are facing the real thing.  


Prototyping and configuration tests

Virtual, full-scale prototyping is an easy way to test your products and fabrication facilities. Prototyping allows you to test functions and usability, and make the necessary adjustments before you give your product the green light. 

Our solutions also allow manufacturers to run virtual configuration scenarios in order to test compatibility with other products.