Understanding 58.000 M2

Børneriget / The Childrens Hospital is a new hospital wing for children, adolescents and pregnant women at Rigshospitalet. BørneRiget will have a distinctive characteristic; a building shaped as two hands gathering all children, adolescents and women in labour under one roof while taking care of the whole family.

Playfull logical
3XN A/S are responsible for the project in collaboration with Arkitema Architects K/S, NIRAS, Arkitekt Kristine Jensens Tegnestue and Rosan Bosch. The winning proposal is entitled “Playfull logical”, which symbolically takes its point of departure in two hands that stretch theirs ‘fingers’ into the light, into the city and into the green.

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VR Studio enhances communication and creates understanding
4th - 12th of October Børneriget is running user involvement sessions in VR Studio in order to enhance communication and create understanding between advisors and health care professionals, patient groups and other employees.

In only 1 week, The Children's hospital tested 58.000 m2 with 200 persons from the hospital staff. 

TV Interview
Danish Regional TV Station, TV2 Lorry, stopped by and interviewed architect Toke Laugesen from Børneriget.

“Architects are trained to read plan drawings, and we have spent many hours learning how to decode them. It can be hard to show a doctor, a nurse or a midwife a drawing and expect them to understand it. Experiencing it on a more intuitive level makes a difference, and allows them to see and understand the space they will move into.”

Watch the clip at TV2 Lorry >>

Vera’s in the CAVE - “It’s quite fun to be here”

The first day the VR sessions we had the pleasure to welcome our youngest user ever in VR Studio. Vera was in the cave and experienced how Børneriget will look like when the 58.000 sqm. healthcare facilities for children, adolescents and pregnant women opens in 2024.

Watch a short video clip of Vera’s experience at Epiito’s Linkedin channel and follow us for VR updates here >>  

FACT SHEET - Børneriget in numbers

  • 58.000 m2 new hospital for children, adolescents and pregnant women

  • 179 beds for children and adolescents

  • 43 beds for adults

  • 15 operating rooms

  • 14 delivery rooms

  • 50 pre- and post operative beds

  • 26 day hospital beds for children and adolescents

  • 56 ambulatory rooms for children and adolescents

  • 30 ambulatory rooms for adults

  • 1 Diagnostic center with nuclear diagnostics