Municipality of Vejle explores the future

The Municipality of Vejle have acquired VR studio, and will use it as part of their planning process. VR studio allows the planning department to engage in a dialogue with their citizens and other parties of interest regarding the development of the city.

The Municipality has placed a VR Studio in their city planning lab, and has installed a 3D-model of the city that allows them to incorporate future projects and showcase them in 1:1 scale.

Politicians can explore projects before giving them a green light

Christoffer Melson is chairman of the municipalities technical committee, and has visited VR Studio. “This will be a good tool when we have to explain how a future project will look like. As politicians we now have a better opportunity to explore a new project before we give it a yes or no” he told the local newspaper, Vejle Amts Folkeblad.

The project is managed by The Municipality of Vejle’s Smart City unit. Read more about the unit (in Danish) here >>

 A huge unexploited potential

Jonas N. Salih, CEO at Epiito, believes that Epiito’s VR technology is ideal for Smart City development. “There is a huge and unexploited potential for using VR for urban development and infrastructure planning.  Our VR technology provides new opportunities for strategic urban planning, retail plans, policy decisions, and citizen involvement – we consider it a match made in heaven, and are thrilled that the Municipality of Vejle are exploring the possibilities VR provides”.