100.000 Sq m Norwegian Healthcare project uses VR Studio

SUS2023 is a 100.000 Sq m expansion of Stavanger Universetssjukehus in Norway. The project organization uses Epiito's VR solutions for planning, construction and training.    

The project for the construction of a new university hospital in Stavanger (SUS2023), utilizes new technological solutions. One of these solutions is Epiito’s VR Studio (a CAVE solution), which  enables stakeholders such as AEC-professionals, healthcare professionals and patients/patient group representatives to co-create and experience the new hospital building before it is finished.

Ove Nordstokke, project manager for ICT and a key person for the use of the 3D studio, says that it serves as an experience center. When you have meetings, the studio gives you an opportunity to go inside and see how the building will look. A 3D image of the room is set on three big screens and with 3D glasses you can walk around in the rooms and see how equipment, furniture, and anything else you need in the room is located in relation to each other.”


Digital solutions
Kari Gro Johanson is Project Director for SUS2023, and states that the use of the VR Studio is part of an overall plan for SUS2023 to become a digital project focusing on technological solutions. “The 3D studio is just one of several measures to digitize the project. We are planning implementation of digital solutions that will make paper drawings redundant and unnecessary.”

The SUS2023 project organization were inspired to use VR as part of the process during a study trip to Aalborg University Hospital, that has acquired a corresponding VR studio making it possible to cooperate and exchange experiences between Norway and Denmark. SUS2023's studio was established in collaboration with the architects from Nordic COWI, who also benefited from using 3D studio in their work.

More opportunities
VR studio allows projects managers and advisors to discover issues that have to be dealt with much earlier in the process. Details that traditionally come later in a project can be discussed with employees, and put up a proposal in the model.

"In Aalborg, for example, they had a big discussion about whether there should be windows in the doors to the patient rooms. Such matters can be discussed with the users along the way, so when we start construction we and the employees know how it will look and that it will work optimally. The process of planning and detailing the rooms together with the employees becomes much better," Nordstokke explains.

Watch video of VR Studio at SUS2023

Game Technology
Further on SUS2023 plans to use VR studio to educate employees in the use of the building. “Using a combination of gaming technology and VR, it is possible to give employees different challenges, such as finding or locating departments. That way, the employees will become acquainted with the building before they move in," Nordstokke explains.

SUS2023 is under development in Stavanger, Norway. The 100.000 sqm. Expansion project will become a neighbor to The University of Stavanger and will open in 2023.    

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