VR studio contributes to vision-driven urban development

"With the digital city we filter all the investment dreams (…) This will enable citizens to see and deliver feedback (...) We have experienced politicians, who have to sit and make decisions about local plans, saying "Now I understand what it's all about." They are used to have to make decisions on the basis of plan drawings or renders that checkmates them (...) We are going to have a debate about the city on an equal basis, not based on feelings or something you might think." 

The Danish magazine Arkitekten 05/18 brings an interview with The Municipality of Vejles City Architect, Lisbet Wolters, about how Vejle uses Epiito’s VR Studio for vision-driven urban development. 

Read the whole interview at www.arkitekten.dk (Article is only available in Danish) 

Read more about The Municipality of Vejle’s vision for using our CAVE / VR studio as part of their planning process here >>