VR Cloud beta version launch at BLOXHUB

Thursday 30th of august we are launching the beta version of VR Cloud. The launch is part of BLOXHUB’s recurring Thursday Bar. The sessions start with a What’s (H)Up at 4pm where BLOXHUB resident companies present themselves.

A true milestone

“We’re excited that we have reached this milestone in our journey and look forward to launch this central element of our VR eco-system,” Jesper Bendix Sørensen, CTO / owner at Epiito, explains and continues, “VR Cloud is the entry point for virtual prototyping, it enables communication and makes co-creation easy. We’re launching the beta version now and invite the BLOXHUB community to be the first users.”

Part of Epiito's VR eco system

VR Cloud is a cloud-based solution that allows users to engage with virtual reality from their favourite device - no matter where they are in the world. VR Cloud is at the heart of Epiito’s coherent eco-system and makes your 3D/BIM projects available for 1:1 scale prototyping across VR Studio, HDM, Touch and mobile.

The sky’s the limit

The main VR Cloud module will be a subscription-based site license. With the VR Cloud site licence you will be able to setup and manage users and user rights, as well as edit and upload project files, making 3D/BIM projects available for 1:1 scale prototyping across VR Studio, HMD, Touch and Mobile. All you have to do is publish your 3D-model with our one-click-solution - and then the sky's the limit.

Stay tuned for more info and download links.

Join us at The Thursday Bar

Join us 30th of august at the Arena at BLOXHUB and help us celebrate this true milestone in the Epiito story. Besides Epiito the following BLOXHUB residential companies will make a presentation of themselves: Byggesocietetet, Mäerk, Scaledenmark, Living Institute, Greener Smarter Living, WSP, Lüchinger and Meyer + Hermansen.