Epiito’s VR Solutions at Nordic Edge Expo

At The Nordic Edge Expo SUS 2023 and COWI are showcasing the 100.000 sqm. expansion of Stavanger Universistetssjukehus in Norway. At SUS2023 the project organization are utilizing Epiito’s VR solutions throughout all project phases.  

At the Expo the team are using Epiito’s VR cloud to present 1:1 Scale models. From the Expo there is a real time connection via Oculus and screens via VR Cloud to VR studio located at the hospital – and there is a live feed from VR studio to the exhibition space.     

VR Studio as an experience center

Ove Nordstokke, project manager for ICT and a key person for the use of the VR studio, says that it serves as an experience center. “When you have meetings, the studio gives you an opportunity to go inside and see how the building will look. A 3D image of the room is set on three big screens and with 3D glasses you can walk around in the rooms and see how equipment, furniture, and anything else you need in the room is located in relation to each other.”

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Field trip from Nordic Edge Expo to VR Studio

Visitors at Nordic Edge Expo are invited on a field trip from the exhibition premises to the VR Studio at the hospital.

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