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At Epiito we develop and produce VR hardware and software that allows you to prototype the future. All our products are designed as part of our VR Eco-system thats enables communication, generates understanding and provides a foundation for insight based decisions.  

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VR Studio is our CAVE (Computer Automated Virtual Reality Environment). VR Studio is a 3D cinema with a 270-degree view that presents projects, cities and products as Virtual 3D Models.

The CAVE can be used for user involvement sessions, validation, quality assurance, staff training, and showcasing products – and much more.

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VR Cloud

VR Cloud allows users to engage with virtual reality from their favourite device - no matter where they are in the world. VR Cloud makes your 3D/BIM projects available for 1:1 scale prototyping across VR Studio, HDM, Touch and mobile.  

VR Cloud is at the heart of our VR coherent eco-system. All you have to do is publish your 3D-model with our one-click-solution - and then the sky's the limit. 

Prototyping the future is a team effort, and co-creation is the way to do it

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VR Viewers  

Apart from our VR Studio - we also have other VR viewer options. You can either use head mounted displays (HMD) such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, or you can use a mobile viewer for iPhone.

All viewers interact and connect through the VR Cloud software.

Hence VR Studio, smartphones, HMDs, and computers all become valid devices to reap all the benefits of virtual reality and 1:1 scale prototyping.  

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