Prototyping the future

With our full-scale 3D models we provide AEC professionals and developers with a useful tool for an integrated design approach where every design parameter is considered and developed from a life cycle perspective – covering everything from predesign over construction to operation and Facility Management.

The integrated design approach means that AEC professionals and stakeholders can collaborate, co-create, and decide upon design solutions in the early design stages – where value-adding adjustments are less costly to incorporate than in later project stages. 

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Prototyping the Building Life Cycle 

VR-integrated design workflow throughout various phases with four Levels of Development (LOD).  


Pre-design services

  • Co-create and shape in a 1:1 scale live environment

  • Determine number of required square meters

  • Layout overall infrastructure

  • Secure logistics

  • Include all necessary functions


Conceptual design

  • Test space, area and locations

  • Analyze placement of functions

  • Run user-involvement sessions

  • Visualise and work with authorities and developers for permits and approvals 


Schematic design / Design development 

  • Test and analyze solutions developed for the project
  • Involve users and maintenance staff for their feedback
  • Optimize the project and verify solutions
  • Develop and test wayfinding solutions
  • Reassure quality in 1:1 scale sessions
  • Assemble input from all involved AEC professionals

Construction documents / construction / FM

  • Run and test building-site logistic, control and safety issues
  • Train staff, e.g. service workers, healthcare personnel and craftsmen
  • Create best practice solutions for operation and maintenance
  • Agree upon an as-built 3D model
  • Plan renewals and maintenance
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Using virtual reality as part of an integrated design process has a positive effect on project quality, time and economy. Testing, verifying and agreeing upon design decisions in the early phases make it less costly to adjust the project according to user and client needs and to solve issues.

Better projects - at a lower cost