VR Simulation

The Attensi Simulation Engine enables fast and precise creation of 3D simulations. Attensi’s 3D virtual worlds are ideal for learning, growing and developing in a safe environment. Employees get to practice procedures and interact with customers or patients, in a virtual replica of their work space.

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Making training fun

VR simulations are different from other training solutions. They use a unique blend of gamification and realism, combined with deep and varied interactivity. VR simulations adapt to the individual participant becoming fun and engaging.



Digital workflow

Simulations are created by harnessing the power 3D models. These provide the container for the 3D gamified simulations which train people’s behavior, which, in turn, create real-world impact.

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Upfront training  

3D gamified simulations ensures all associates are ready the moment the building opens. Simulations enable employees to uphold their high level of service, care and safety. When the doors open, they already know their new workplace – inside and out.