VR Cloud

VR Cloud is a cloud-based solution that allows users to engage with virtual reality from their favourite device - no matter where they are in the world. VR Cloud is a coherent eco-system - all you have to do is upload your 3D model, and publish it with our one-click solution to the Epiito cloud - and then the sky’s the limit. 

Our cloud-based software is the entry point for virtual prototyping using 3D/BIM projects and enables communication and makes co-creation easy. The main module in VR Cloud is a subscription-based site license. With the VR Cloud site license you setup and manage users and user rights, as well as edit and upload project files, making 3D/BIM projects available for 1:1 scale prototyping across VR Studio, HMD, Touch and Mobile. 


Co-creation on all devices

VR Cloud connects all devices in one solution. By placing project data in the sky, you can access and work on your project from a device of your choice. Hence VR Studio, smartphones, tablets, computers and touch boards all become valid devices for utilizing the benefits of virtual reality. 

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VR Studio is a 3D cinema with a 270-degree view that presents projects, cities and products as virtual 3D Models in an immersive environment. 

VR Studio can be used for everything from user involvement sessions, validation, quality assurance, staff training to planning Smart Cities, configuration, and showcasing products. 

The VR Studio system is configured as a turn-key immersive virtual reality system - complete with tracking system and graphics workstation computer for real-time rendering of CAD-based input from 3D and BIM. 

Touch-based co-creation

Many stakeholders in one session? No problem. VR Cloud is an ideal solution that enables communication between various stakeholders and takes co-creation to the next level. 

With VR STUDIO you can run team-based design, engineering and training sessions for large groups. The communication flows, ideas emerge, and a common understanding is reached.

Prototyping the future is a team effort, and co-creation is the way to do it. 



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Accessible on mobile VR  

VR Cloud is a coherent eco-system that makes 3D models accessible from a variety of digital devices.

Sometimes VR Studio is the ideal point from which to acces your project. At other times you might want to immerse yourself in virtual reality here and now - wherever you might be.  

With VR Cloud we make sure that your data only is available to those who should have access - while maintaining easy and user-friendly access to your projects.  

Sometimes a smartphone and a pair of 3D glasses are all it takes.   

Compatible with Vive and Oculus 

VR Cloud provides you with an effortless virtual reality experience that is accessible at all times.

Through the use of high-quality consumer VR Gear, like the Oculus Rift or the HTC VIVE, we allow you to interact freely and intuitively with a virtual environment.

This enables you experience the future with your co-workers, co-create alternative design proposals and prepare for the future by testing various scenarios. 


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