VR Studio

VR Studio is a 3D cinema with a 270-degree view that presents projects, cities and products as Virtual 3D Models. VR Studio is a CAVE (Computer Automated Virtual Environment) and can be used for user involvement sessions, validation, quality assurance, staff training, and showcasing products.



Co-creation done right

Many stakeholders in one session? No problem. With VR Studio you can run team-based design, engineering and training sessions for large groups. The communication flows, ideas emerge, and a common understanding is reached. For us, this is the heart of scale 1:1 Co-creation.

Immerse yourself in VR

VR Studio-system is a turn-key immersive virtual reality system - complete with tracking system and graphics workstation computer for real- time rendering of CAD-based input from 3D and BIM.

Monitoring at a glance

VR Touch allows facilitators to run real-time sessions, and enables them to get a point-of-view perspective of users logged in. VR Touch makes it possible invite new users to co-create - no matter where in the world they might be located. 

How The Childrens Hospital Copenhagen benefitted from VR Studio

How does the VR Studio work?


Where can I

try the VR studio?

Our VR Studio can be experienced across our locations. We would love to hear your story and which use cases you already have thought of. We will let you know if it is possible. 

The demo is free of charge.