A simple, intuitive tool that presents your visions and products in Virtual Reality. At Epiito we make 3D models easy to use and available in 1:1 scale. Whether you are building a new hospital, involved in town planning, training your employees or showcasing your products we have a tailor-made solution for you.  


Smart City



Experience tomorrow - today

By prototyping the future, we allow you to experience tomorrow today. 3D model presentation and validation allows you to control the future – making sure it complies with the agreed quality, economy and time schedule. At Epiito we provide tools that lead to better processes, that generate better projects. Tomorrow knows – today.

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VR Studio

VR Studio is a 3D cinema with a 270-degree view that presents projects, cities and products as virtual 3D Models in an immersive environment. VR Studio is a CAVE and can be used for everything from user involvement sessions, validation, quality assurance, staff training, planning Smart Cities, configuration, and showcasing products. 

Unleashing the power of VR Studio means your project team always stays in sync - regardless of their background, experience or expertise. Get instant ROI by implementing our VR Studio technology to your AEC project.

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VR Touch

VR Touch is a 46” multi-touch interface that allows you to interact with a virtual environment in collaboration with other users via a simple and intuitive user interface. 

Up to 12 users can simultaneously engage in co-creating a new environment - and by being connected to one of our other viewers they can instantly experience the future in 1:1 scale. 


VR Cloud

VR Cloud is a cloud-based solution that allows users to engage with virtual reality from their favourite device - no matter where in the world they are in the world. VR Cloud is a coherent eco-system - all you have to do is upload your 3D model, and publish it all with our one-click solution to the Epiito cloud - and then the sky’s the limit. 

Our cloud-based software is the entry point for virtual prototyping using 3D/BIM projects and enables communication and makes co-creation easy.

VR Cloud makes 3D/BIM projects available for 1:1 scale prototyping across VR Studio, HMD, Touch and Mobile. 

VR Render 

VR Render is the easiest way to share and display your 3D projects. VR Render is an advanced virtual reality software with a powerful and simple user interface.

VR Render enables all major 3D formats to be experienced in Epiito solutions. You don't have to think about configuration and adjustments - VR Render does the work. 



Enabling communication

By placing 3D models in the cloud, we make it possible to communicate, validate and facilitate user involvement sessions - regardless of location and technology. Epiito helps you access your projects from your favourite device, interact with the environment and your co-workers in Virtual Reality. It’s all in the cloud, and the sky’s the limit… 

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